The average person's thoughts run at 1000 words per minute. But most of us experience 75% of those thoughts as negative. That means only 25% of our thoughts are positive! With Dr. Luann's proven, natural DELETE Stress process, you can use more of your brainpower to increase your positive thoughts to 80% to 97% of your thoughts. What a difference that would make to your life, your career, your health, and your business!

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The DELETE Techniques can help eliminate stress, anxiety or a phobia associated with:

Performance Anxiety

Fear of Aging

Fear of Public Speaking

Guilt Feelings

General Anxiety


Fear of Commitment

Panic Attacks

Fear of Heights

Anticipatory Anxiety


Fear of Animals

Feelings of Dread

Social Phobia

Fear of Commitment


Fear of Flying


About Dr. Luann…

Dr. Luann is a nationally recognized therapist, consultant, keynote speaker and peak performance coach with a 95% success record in helping people overcome the stress caused by anxiety, fear or phobias. CEOs, managers, salespeople, teachers and entrepreneurs…even techies and left-brainers(!) all enjoy – and can benefit from – these techniques in as little as 1 hour on the phone! Other processes can take much longer, are more expensive, and not as effective.

"I used to sabotage myself with worry and anxiety, but now I've been able to achieve a goal I was unable to achieve for years. No more anxiety or feeling guilty and no more sabotage! Your coaching and counseling on the phone made this possible."

—Bruce P., Chicago, Illinois

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Get help for problems with anxiety disorder, fears, phobias, worry and more with Dr. Luann's Delete techniques.

You have come to this website seeking information to overcome some specific problem(s) with anxiety disorder, fears, phobias, or worry. These problems have been with you for a number of days, months, and even years! So what do you do? You seek the information on what you’re experiencing and often find books, CD’s, and other offers that are slow and/or ineffective. Now with the DELETE Techniques you can get the answers you seek and quickly regain control over your thoughts, feelings, and your life.

The DELETE Techniques, put simply, are a guided conversation with Dr. Luann that starts with you expressing your anxiety, fears, and worry. Dr. Luann takes a careful inventory of these, asking a series of simple questions that easily and quickly help you to clarify your thinking.  For example:

  • How strong are the feelings attached to your thoughts?
  • Do you want to change, retain, or delete the feeling, and why?
  • Is this thought or feeling hurting or helping you?

The focus of the conversation moves along rapidly. The upshot of this process is a reorientation of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs causing your original anxiety, fears, and worry to dwindle, disappear, and are DELETED quickly.

We invite you to call us to find out how the DELETE Techniques will help you. We offer both group and private sessions. We accept many insurance coverages and credit cards. This makes our services available and affordable to virtually everyone.

What people say about Dr. Luann and the DELETE Techniques:

“Dr. Luann – Thank you for being there for me when I needed someone to talk to help me get on a plane. The flight home was very good. Thanks to you, I was fine and actually enjoyed myself. I was completely at ease. So, many thanks to you again! I will be flying to Chicago in 3 weeks and am looking forward to the trip. I also know that if I need a ‘refresher’, you will be there for me!”

— Kathleen C., Atlanta, Georgia

“I have seen a lot of improvements in myself. I am now able to go into very uncertain situations and handle it well. I also am not as worried about what others think of me . I am better at not being worried about little things and stopped over-analyzing everything! Thank you so much, Dr. Luann!”

— Keith S., Riverside, California

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“It was true alchemy in action. Bodily tension dissolved with every thought we cleared.”
—Mary O'Malley
Good Medicine Magazine,
Sydney, Australia
“I appreciate you. I don't know if I could receive in a different style. The way you communicate to me is very effective. Thank you for that.”
—Heather R.
Seattle, Washington
“I have wonderful news for you. I'm in control of the directions of my thoughts!!! Say it loud, I'M THE CAPTAIN OF MY MIND.”
—Hugh Prather
“Since 1984 I have experienced successes which I believe are the direct result of your continuing coaching. My sales continue to increase and my life is fuller because of the communication skills I've learned from you.”
—Judi Van Gorder
“You've changed my life. Your techniques, your words – they all worked to bring me to this place. I could not have done this without you, but because of you I can now do it by myself whenever the need arises.”
—Barry, California
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