About Dr. Luann

With twenty-seven years in private practice, Dr. Luann specializes in brief therapies, such as DELETE Techniques.

These therapies address anxiety, worry, depression, adjustment, fears, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), and communication issues affecting individuals, families, couples, and groups. Her eclectic theoretical approach utilizes behavioral, cognitive, redecision, short-term Techniques, and rapid response processes.

Dr. Luann is a college and university lecturer, frequent conference keynote speaker, and guest expert featured on local and national broadcast media (including Oprah, Hard Copy, FOX News, WE TV, Geraldo and CNN…she turned down Larry King and Howard Stern).

Dr. Luann offers counseling, consulting, and coaching to individuals, groups and businesses—in person and on the phone. She is a licensed California Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Master Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

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“It was true alchemy in action. Bodily tension dissolved with every thought we cleared.”
—Mary O'Malley
Good Medicine Magazine,
Sydney, Australia
“I appreciate you. I don't know if I could receive in a different style. The way you communicate to me is very effective. Thank you for that.”
—Heather R.
Seattle, Washington
“I have wonderful news for you. I'm in control of the directions of my thoughts!!! Say it loud, I'M THE CAPTAIN OF MY MIND.”
—Hugh Prather
“You've changed my life. Your techniques, your words – they all worked to bring me to this place. I could not have done this without you, but because of you I can now do it by myself whenever the need arises.”
—Barry, California
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