DELETE Techniques FAQs

The DELETE Techniques are a rapid way of regaining control over your life and well-being, increasing self esteem, peak performance and clarity. It is a cutting-edge, rapid response integrative process that rapidly eliminates obstacles created by work-life stress, anxiety and phobias that people have been struggling with for months and even years.

What is DELETE?

Once mastered, the DELETE Techniques are like locating your private "delete key" (think of a computer), to use whenever you need to rid your mental storehouse of negative ideas and feelings, leaving you free to input positive, life-affirming goals. DELETING is an experiential, natural event that we can do, but few of us know how to accomplish intentionally. During the process you will learn that you can tap into and use that ability!

What is involved in the DELETE approach?

If you try to deal with the original experience that caused the fear and most of the time you don't know what the original experience is, it's like grabbing at a cloud in the sky: it keeps moving and dissipating. It's better to go back and separate the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are twined together which formed the fear or anxiety in the brain. Then, a better and healthier way of thinking and feeling results which is always an improvement.

How does it work?

The DELETE Techniques, put simply, are part of a guided conversation that starts with you expressing the fears that brought you to this website. Dr. Luann takes a careful inventory of these, asking a series of simple questions that encourage you to clarify your thinking. How strong is the feeling attached to the thoughts? Do you want to change or retain the feeling, and why? The focus of the conversation moves along rapidly. The upshot of this process of back-and-forth is a reorientation of thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions in which your original fears dwindle, disappear, or are deleted.

Why do so many people suffer for years with these types of problem?

It's protecting them in some way. You can't fight an irrational fear with rational solutions. The fear of flying, for instance, is certainly an irrational fear, which is attached to dozens of rational thoughts and beliefs. Once unwanted thoughts develop into a phobia, by definition, an irrational fear is in place. Strategies and advice that try of offer rational input often have no real impact to eliminate the fear. Although friends and family may try to provide advice or statistics to ease the fear, these rational arguments are simply not on the same level with irrational thoughts and sometimes make it worse. People become conditioned to expect certain negative thoughts again and again. However, they can discover the power in their own mind to DELETE the issues that have built up over time.

How long does the process take?

I do most of my DELETE counseling by telephone with people all over the country and some as far away as Australia. Often, they are able to complete the process in two to four hours. However, I do have a brief survey I perform with potential clients to determine if they are likely to benefit from the DELETE method. It's important that they be motivated and able to change how they think and feel about this fear. The survey takes about 5 minutes.

How do you measure success?

My clients are the ones who keep me posted on their success. We stay in touch and they share their new experiences. I check up on them to monitor their progress and in a few cases, I've done refresher sessions prior to a flight. So far, I have not had anyone report continuing problems with this fear.

How much do you need to know about a person and the history of their fear?

This approach is one of the most client-focused therapies I'm aware of. I work with each person according to their lead. I need to know what thoughts and beliefs they would like to eliminate but I don't necessarily need to know much about their lives. Issues that contribute to the fear always surface during the sessions. It is important to know that every person and situation is different, but the approach can be applied universally to rearrange beliefs that many have held onto for years. Also, I've found that many people have the wrong idea about what really caused the problem in the first place. The real cause can often be surprising.

Do you see any special benefits for this approach?

Many people seem to prefer the anonymity offered by telephone counseling. This makes them more at ease from the start. Also, they see the DELETE process as a quicker and easier approach. It certainly is the most intensive work I've ever done, but it's easier on the client…we accomplish so much in a short time.

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“I feel much more positive and comfortable inside…I'm enthused with the simplicity! Thanks again.”
“I appreciate you. I don't know if I could receive in a different style. The way you communicate to me is very effective. Thank you for that.”
—Heather R.
Seattle, Washington
“I have wonderful news for you. I'm in control of the directions of my thoughts!!! Say it loud, I'M THE CAPTAIN OF MY MIND.”
—Hugh Prather
“You've changed my life. Your techniques, your words – they all worked to bring me to this place. I could not have done this without you, but because of you I can now do it by myself whenever the need arises.”
—Barry, California

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