How to DELETE: Fear of Flying

Many people experience a fear of flying, from feelings of anxiety and panic just prior to the event, to full anxiety throughout the flying experience.

Eliminate fear of flying with the DELETE TechniquesFear of Flying has a restrictive, debilitating effect on your freedom to function, and certainly on your ability to enjoy life fully. But, since most Fear of Flying phobias are programmed in by experience, imagination, or instruction, they can be deprogrammed.

What is Fear of Flying (Aviophobia)?

Fear of flying may be distinct of itself or it may be due to a combination of other fears such as fear of enclosed spaces, and/or fear of heights. One of the major laments of phobia victims is that they have lost control of their lives, due their inability to control their abnormal feelings of fear. The particular phobia can be debilitating for its sufferers because it may prevent them from going on vacations, visiting family and friends, and it may cause conflict in one’s career particularly if traveling is a job requirement. Anticipatory anxiety starts days, weeks, months before the flight which overwhelms your mind with dreadful, scary, bad thoughts.

  • Physiological reactions to fear and stress include: Muscle tension, tremors/shakiness, difficulty breathing, faster heart rate, chest pain, sweating, weakness, dizziness, prickly sensations, dry mouth, and flushed or pale face.
  • Psychological symptoms include: impaired memory, poor or clouded judgment, pessimistic/negative thinking and/or ruminations, thereby increasing your anticipatory anxiety.

About 25 million Americans have a fear of flying. Some victims simply grit their teeth and cope as best they can. Others are so phobic they can't force themselves to get on an airplane.

Causes of Fear of Flying

There may be several causes that trigger an intense fear of flying. A person may have experienced a traumatic event aboard an airplane during a flight in the past such as turbulence during a flight, witnessing someone sitting nearby having a panic attack experienced by someone sitting nearby, or a crisis situation. In some cases, an anxiety attack can be triggered by simply witnessing a crash on television (

Gender Differences regarding Fear of Flying

Dutch researcher Lucas van Gerwen from the University of Leiden in Holland found four subtypes of fear that varied by age and gender:

  • The least phobic of the four were men aged around 35. Their fear stemmed from not being in control of the plane and they worried about things going wrong.
  • The second group were women younger than 35 with what Van Gerwen called 'social' fears. They worried about other people and about events such as terrorists hijacking the plane. They were also worried they would lose control of themselves during the flight and shout or scream uncontrollably.
  • Women aged 32-54 formed the third group. They tended to have an underlying fear of confined spaces, called claustrophobia. They were most fearful when the airplane doors closed and were worried about not being able to get out. They were more likely to have panic attacks while onboard.
  • The group with the greatest fear of flying was people older than 54, particularly men. They had a combination of a fear of heights and a need to stay in control of the airplane, and were also prone to panic attacks. This group was the most likely to avoid flying altogether.


Multi-level Fears

In some cases there are many levels of the fear. For example, Dr. Luann coached a salesman who had fear of flying plus six other fears. But, he had to first overcome his fear of driving more than 2 miles from home. After overcoming this, he had to conquer the anxiety associated with going to the airport. The next step was to eliminate the fear of entering an elevator, escalator, and inter-terminal train/bus, and the fear of crowds. Then he could finally overcome the fear of flying—and he did! His whole sales team was on the plane with him and cheered his success as they landed.

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Here’s the Good News!!!

Fear of Flying can be overcome through a process called the DELETE Techniques.

These techniques are a simple system by which individuals easily learn to selectively DELETE (eliminate) their unpleasant or unwanted thoughts and feelings.

The DELETE Techniques are widely known for achieving rapid response, and they work for almost everyone.

ACT NOW! Suffering is optional…

If you (or someone you know) suffer from Fear of Flying, you should consider trying the DELETE Techniques as soon as possible. There’s no reason to suffer needlessly when something can be done to resolve your problem.

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