How to DELETE: Loneliness

Feeling lonely? If so, you already know it's a terrible feeling.

Eliminate loneliness with the DELETE TechniquesAccording to the dictionary, “alone” emphasizes isolation from others but does not imply unhappiness; whereas “loneliness” adds to isolation, the painful consciousness of it. That's because feeling lonely does not always come from being alone. For instance, some people prefer to be by themselves much of the time. They are called “loners.”

The saddest thing about people who suffer from loneliness is their inability to attract or connect with anyone who can help fill the void.

Unfortunately, those who feel lonely tend to project a demeanor and aura that repels the very people they believe could resolve their loneliness. After all, who wants to hang out with a lonely person?

Typically, when lonely people rid themselves of their negative feelings and thoughts of loneliness, they almost immediately begin attracting the very kind of people who previously would have avoided them.

If you are lonely, but you really want to attract and maintain satisfying relationships, you must rid yourself of your loneliness.

Definition of Loneliness (Encyclopedia of Psychology, 2000)

There are varying definitions of loneliness but experts typically agree that loneliness is often due to deficiencies in an individual’s relationships. It is a subjective experience. For example, an individual may be surrounded by people but still feel quite alone. Researchers Carlin Rubinstein and Philip Shaver found 4 common reactions to loneliness:

  1. Desperation (feelings of abandonment and helplessness)
  2. Depression
  3. Restless boredom
  4. Self-depression

Some people may experience a chronic loneliness and for others it may be more situational.

Who suffers from loneliness?

  • Loneliness tends to highest in adolescence and young adulthood and then declines until about age 80-85 where it appears to increase again due to loss of partner, friends, family, home, or declining health.
  • Studies have been inconsistent regarding gender differences. When asked directly about loneliness, women are more likely than men to report it. When loneliness is measure more indirectly, without specific reference to it, men are more likely to report loneliness. It is hypothesized that men are more reluctant to admit that they are lonely as a result of societal stigmas.

Here’s the Good News!!!

Loneliness can be overcome through a process called the DELETE Techniques.

These techniques are a simple system by which individuals easily and quickly learn to selectively DELETE (eliminate) their unpleasant or unwanted thoughts and feelings.

The DELETE Techniques are widely known for achieving rapid positive response, and they work for almost everyone.

ACT NOW! Suffering is optional…

If you (or someone you know) suffer from loneliness, you should consider trying the DELETE Techniques as soon as possible. There’s no reason to suffer needlessly when something can be done to resolve your problem.

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“It was true alchemy in action. Bodily tension dissolved with every thought we cleared.”
—Mary O'Malley
Good Medicine Magazine,
Sydney, Australia
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—Heather R.
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“I have wonderful news for you. I'm in control of the directions of my thoughts!!! Say it loud, I'M THE CAPTAIN OF MY MIND.”
—Hugh Prather
“You've changed my life. Your techniques, your words – they all worked to bring me to this place. I could not have done this without you, but because of you I can now do it by myself whenever the need arises.”
—Barry, California
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