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Teenager Health Problem

Jacob was 16 years old, had been an ‘A’ student, but couldn’t maintain his grades because he was missing school 2-3 times a week, had overwhelming anxiety about public speaking, had nervous leg movements, upset stomach, and difficulty sleeping as well as difficulty waking up in the morning.  He parents were very worried about him. They had taken him to three different doctors and were ready to start giving him prescription drugs for anxiety and depression. They decided to call Dr. Luann first. She made weekly house calls for two months.

The main issues were:

  • Teaching him how to use DELETE Techniques to get rid of the fear of public speaking and social anxiety;
  • Coaching him on presentation and speak skills;
  • Editing his speeches for stronger impact;
  • Coaching him on reducing nervous leg movements;
  • Teaching him communication skills — to speak more assertively to his peer group, big brother, and his parents;
  • Solving his upset stomach by lessening his anxiety and recommending to not drink orange juice in the morning.

Now, he is an ‘A’ student again running for junior class office, and looking forward to selecting the college he will attend.  His parents are proud to say they have a healthy, positive, and energetic son.


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