I have been working with Luann for over a year and she has literally changed my life by helping me understand and deal with issues I had no idea were holding me back. She has a gentle way with people and a powerful intuitive sense for what they are going through and what they really need. It took her just one session to diagnose that I was on the receiving end of a verbally abusive relationship where I had been painted as the offender. With her guidance I have begun to take back control of my life. There is now hope where before there was only darkness and despair. Thank you Luann for all your help and guidance.

—H.C., California

Dr. Luann – I wanted to thank you for being there for me when I needed someone to talk to most. The flight home was very good. Thanks to you, I was fine and actually enjoyed myself for the most part! I sat next to a wonderful woman who was so much fun and I was completely at ease getting to know her. So, many thanks to you again! I will be going to Chicago in 3 weeks and am looking forward to the trip. I also know that if I need a "refresher," you will be there for me!

—Kathleen C., Atlanta,Georgia

Dear Dr. Luann,

I am writing to touch base since the last time we spoke which was a year ago as of this month.

Since we spoke, I have applied and now attend law school, which I am enjoying every minute of it (despite all the work). I wanted to thank you for all your help in guiding me to be a stronger, less anxious person. Today I realized how much progress I have made in a year. I still use your techniques every time I get anxious and am constantly working on improving the ability to control my thoughts.

I hope all is well in your life and in sunny CA. I thank you again for you all our support. My mother, who you also spoke to, has also become much less anxious and has been doing things I never thought she could do.

No words can express the gift you gave me a year ago, but I truly appreciate finding you!

"I have seen a lot of improvements in myself. I am now able to go into very uncertain situations and handle it well. I also am not as worried about what others think of me. I am better at not being worried about little things and stopped over-analyzing everything! Thank you so much, Dr. Luann!"

Keith,S., Riverside, California

"Dr. Luann, I am writing you for two reasons. First, I want to thank you for helping me bring peace, joy, and adventure to my life, and secondly I hope you will share my comments and story with others who are seeking your help. Your techniques taught me how to change my thoughts about flying, and reduce my fear to zero. Thanks to your commitment to help me, I flew 20 hours to Africa and 20 hours back home over a two week period, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am forever grateful."

Elizabeth M., Seattle, Washington

"This is what you helped me train myself to understand – what's real and what's imaginary. More importantly: to cling to the real and ignore the imaginary. I cannot thank you enough. You've changed my life. Your techniques, your words – they all worked to bring me to this place. I could not have done this without you, but because of you I can now do it by myself whenever the need arises."

Barry, California

"Dr. Luann, I just wanted to again say thank you for sitting with me last Sunday evening. It meant so much to have a listening ear as I worked through the myriad of emotions I was feeling. You are truly good at what you do. It never ceases to amaze me how the universe sends us who we need when we need them most."

Sandi C., San Diego, California

"I am progressing quite well in my recovery and my spirituality is growing. I actually work the program on a daily basis to keep me sober. My life is better because of the way I live today. As a matter of fact relationships with everyone are getting better. Thinking of you today was a good reminder of the person who helped me find my life as I know it today."

Phil M., Seattle, Washington

"I can't tell you how much your email meant to me. It was "as if" I was getting official approval to stop and breathe for a second. It is so nice to know that you support my place in time right now. I feel good. I feel healthy and I am sleeping. Hallelujah!"

Liz J., Los Angeles, CA

"It's the most productive money I'd ever spent. Glenn is "almost perfect" now. We have our little squabbles, but nothing like before. It does not go into the zone of no return. He is very careful and thinks about his behavior before he takes a wrong turn.

"I have been doing the smart, non-reactive, ‘get out of his face before he blows’ routine and it seems to do the trick. Our little flare ups stay little. Amazing what some excellent advice accomplishes if you put it into use. We both appreciate your help tremendously. We love and care for each other more than ever thanks to your help."

Maria E., San Francisco, California

"I used to sabotage myself, but now I've been able to achieve a goal I was unable to achieve for years. No more anxiety or feeling guilty and no more sabotage! Your coaching and counseling on the phone made this possible."

Bruce P., Chicago, Illinois

"I had such a judgmental attitude about my stepchildren. With that gone my anxiety is gone and I'm able to think clearly and take action in a positive way. Thanks for making it easy to call you."

James H., Los Angeles, California

"After working with you in the few conversations over the past few weeks, I've come to a feeling of inner peace. It's amazing how sometimes you can't see the forest through the trees but as you say – it's all in the programming. I think you're real special and I'm sure your work is very gratifying. You are on my short list of special heroes and I'll always remember how you've helped me."

Bill V., New York City, New York

"Thank you so much for a great process! I do feel much lighter and positive. Amazing how simple yet profound this all is- WOW! You are talented with insightful gifts that enhance your work!! Spring time is here!!"

Eileen H., San Diego, California

"I don't know where to begin except to say THANK YOU! I am very grateful for you and your work. It was truly powerful to meet you in person. I honestly believe that your work saved my life. I am grateful that we discussed my recovery. I had some great revelations. Thanks again so much for meeting with me."

Phil M., Seattle, Washington

"Dr. Luann. I am going to pursue this new life of mine with diligent effort. Once I file for divorce and I have alimony settled, I want to work with you again because you seem to understand my dilemma. I like it when people talk to me straight. Just in 20 minutes I felt as if 1000 pounds were lifted. Thank you again!"

Kathleen, Walnut Creek, California

"Dr. Luann, I've been thinking about coaching with you and your delete process. Bill and I both concur on how effective it is and you are. Thanks for everything. You have no idea how much we appreciate your wisdom. Please send me some cards. I want to refer other people to you."

Sandy, New Jersey

"Your coaching helped me get through a very difficult time. I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. It has been fun and a lot less stressful. Now I actually take more time off than I ever have before. And things are smoother than they ever have been. And I didn't think I could do it..."

Marsha H., Chicago, Illinois

"I would like to send a big THANK YOU for all your coaching! Whenever I have had to work through a difficult issue, you helped me tremendously. And this has benefitted both my personal and professional relationships."

Ted Mount,Escondido, California

"I can always count on your coaching for a fresh new perspective. This has been a valuable system to my family and business. Thank you for your support for 13 years."

Angelena Martinez, El Sobrante, California

"Thank you for your coaching services to us and our employees. Please use our names as a referral source."

Drs. William and Claudette Satnick, Rancho Penasquitos, California

"Thank you for your expertise in coaching to reduce conflict and stress in my life. I have seen a great deal of benefit and change due to the work that we have done together. I'm looking forward to continuing our relationship in the coming years. Thanks again for your expertise."

Dr. Andrew Hopkins Aiken, South Carolina

"As the president of a multi-state company, it is important to be focused so that I can direct the lives of thousands of people. I have accomplished this through the coaching program of Dr. Luann. I have a renewed focus on what I truly want to accomplish—and I have a solid five-year plan that will ensure my company's success. I would highly recommend her program to anyone…from CEO to receptionist. I will always remember…"success is an inside job."

Steven T. Gregg, Las Vegas, NV

"Since 1984 I have experienced successes which I believe are the direct result of your continuing coaching. My sales continue to increase and my life is fuller because of the communication skills I've learned from you."

Judi Van Gorder, Sebastopol, California

"We appreciate the coaching you did for our staff at Carlsbad Travel Service. Please use our name for a reference."

Pamela Paterson, Carlsbad, California

"You are so soothing and genuine. Talking to you is like talking to my best friend."

Dave A., Los Angeles, California

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